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Wellness Wally's Relaxing Journey (Adventure 3) 

August 2022

The third book of the Wellness Wally Around the World series is Wellness Wally's Relaxing Journey. Wally just moved to a new neighborhood and it's really stressing him out! This time, Billy comes back to show Wally the many ways you can kick back and relax!


Join Wally on his third journey as he explores a new wellness dimension: emotional wellness! Wally and Billy will travel to new countries around the world and learn that sometimes a little relaxation is all you really need.

Recommended for: Ages 5-9

Copy of Wellness Wally's Relaxing  Journey Cover - Hardcover 8.5x8.5_March 2021.png

Wellness Wally's Delicious Journey (Adventure 1) 

November 2020

Wellness Wally is extremely proud and excited to share the first book of the Wellness Wally Around the World series, Wellness Wally's Delicious Journey.


Wally loves nothing more than chips, candy, and hiding out in his room. One day, he meets a special friend that changes his whole perspective.


Join Wally on his first journey as he learns, not only the importance of nutrition and healthy eating, but also the significance of exploring and taking chances. Wally will travel to seven very different countries and learn that eating healthy can actually be quite the tasty adventure!  

Recommended for: Ages 5-9


Wellness Wally's Active Journey (Adventure 2) 

May 2021

Wellness Wally presents the second book of the Wellness Wally Around the World series, Wellness Wally's Active Journey.

Wally really loves playing video games and sitting inside. However, Billy returns to remind Wally that there is a big world out there full of fun, outdoor activities!


Join Wally on his second journey as he explores the second aspect of what makes up physical wellness: physical activity! Wally and Billy will travel to seven new countries and learn that exercise is actually more adventurous than Wally could have imagined!

Recommended for: Ages 5-9

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